Dog Poop Clean Up

Proudly offering the best service we can at the best price!

When it comes to pet waste management we have services to meet your needs and budget.

Regular service packages
Bi-weekly, weekly and twice weekly services.

Affordable payment plans! Cancel at anytime and receive a full refund less completed service

BI-Weekly Pickup
Quarterly Billing
12 Weeks
Weekly Pickup
Monthly Billing
4 Weeks
Weekly Pickup
Quarterly Billing
12 Weeks
Weekly Pickup
Yearly Billing
52 Weeks

​Weekly Pick-up


Annual Fee


approx $10.00 / week


approx $11.92 / week


approx $13.85 / week

     Best Value Package!

​Weekly Pick-up


Quarterly Fee


approx $10.84 / week


approx $13.25 / week


approx $15.75 / week

     Most Popular Package!

​Weekly Pick-up


Monthly Fee


approx $11.75 / week


approx $14.25 / week


approx $16.75 / week

     Preferred Starter Package!

3 Month Package,
Every Other Week  Pick-up


approx $8.33 / week


approx $10.83/ week

*Some Restrictions may Apply


contact for custom package

     Great Gift Idea!










NOTE: An initial clean up fee will be required if your yard has not been cleaned at least 2 weeks prior

NO CONTRACTS, Cancel at anytime and receive a full refund less completed service!


Spring Cleanup and Summer Pack

Snag your deal on a fresh start to your spring or the ultimate package to keep your yard clean till Fall.

Click Sign up below for more info

Twice weekly service

Service every tuesday and Friday for 4 weeks

Bucket Service

No one likes a smelly garbage bin!

Starting at 25$ we come on a weekly basis and take the full bag out and replace with a new one.

Keep your garbage bin from smelling nasty. Our bucket service is perfect for many situations. Keep the waste out of the green bin and the smell out of your black bin.

Things you can put in the bin that we dispose of for you on a weekly basis

  • Dog poop

  • Cat Litter

  • Cage droppings and bedding

  • Poop Bags from your walks

*one time start up fee of $25*



Odor Control


Odor Control Service's

Extreme Odor Buster


2 Extreme Appliactions 7 Days apart to combat the extreme smells eminating from your dog run, yard, and artificial Turff

4 Appliactions 7 Days apart to compact the extreme smells eminating from your dog run, yard, and artificial Turff

1 Regular Appliaction to combat the extreme smells eminating from your dog run, yard, and artificial Turff

Weekly Odor Control

One Time Odor Buster



DIY Kits

Starter + Refill


  • 1L bottle

  • 4L Jug

  • 1 Hand Spray Nozzle

  • 1 Garden Attachment

  • 1L bottle

  • 1 Hand Spray Nozzle

  • 1 Garden Attachment




$22.99 - 1L

$59.99 - 4L

DIY Kits are available to order. 1L Will treat up to 2500 Square Feet.

Three Cats Playing

Kitty Litter Service

Our Litter exchange was created with convenience in mind.

Service starts at $47 and includes 4 weekly exchanges of 2 bins. The litter consists of wood pellets for several reasons. Using wood pellets ensures that the service remains affordable, boxes stay light, smell is easily controlled, limits unnecessary waste of clay litter and 99% of cats have no issues using it!

We allow for a transition period to get your pets used to the pellets

4 weekly exchange of 2 bins

$12.50 Sign up Fee (half cost of Bins)

Starting At



Brown Spot Defense

We have A Program Specifically Designed to Repair and Prevent Brown Spots Left By Your Dog

The Program typically runs the entire season, the soon we start the better.


Brown Spot Defense

Lawn Health Check and Recommendations

  • Ph levels

  • Fertilizer levels

  • Moisture levels

  • Service recommendations

Green and Growth Enhancer + Brown Spot Defense

  • Spring

  • Summer

  • Fall

Full Coverage Seasonal Appropriate Lawn Fertilizer Applications

  • Spring

  • Summer

  • Fall

One Overseed

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